The Arthur Firm

The Arthur Firm, P.L., is originally a litigation firm representing its criminal defense and small business clients in state and federal court. We also represent our business clients throughout their commercial transactions, including due diligence tasks; and we represent all clients during any criminal investigations which may arise.Our approach to practicing these areas of law is to use our “sword of justice” as a shield to protect your freedom to live and be prosperous without liability from criminal sanctions or lost profits.

The Arthur Firm, our “swords of justice” are legal strategies tailored to each client’s specific needs, whether that be defending against criminal or civil lawsuits, initiating and litigating civil lawsuits, preparing prosecution packages to present to law enforcement, creating business entities and the agreements between the owners (articles of organization or incorporation, operating or shareholder agreements, etc), drafting or reveiwing or negotiating contracts, devising company policies, or simply advising clients at each turn in their course of conduct so as to achieve their goals without running afoul of the law.

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