Litigation Attorney in Miami

We don’t prepare your matter for trial “just in case negotiations breakdown”. We prepare your matter for trial so you can win the trial. This focus shifts the bargaining power in your direction!

In addition to Small Business Counseling & Criminal Defense, The Arthur Firm’s vision extends to Civil Litigation, Landlord-Tenant, & Small Claims.

Business Litigation & Civil Lawsuits:

Business litigation is a risk that all businesses and companies have to confront. While the best way to win is by avoiding litigation altogether (through proactively navigating the law to prevent and/or discourage potential lawsuits as we do with our Small Business Counseling), once litigation does arise the business should use an exacting yet practical and fluid strategy to accomplish its goal. The Arthur Firm understands that a business may have more than one goal to achieve through litigation in addition to simply winning the trial; for example: stopping unfair competition, setting a precedent for future business practices, or settling a business matter which has simply become personal. We always incorporate these different objectives into our litigation strategy, and when combined with our commitment to results and client accountability, your business will know that you trusted the right firm to protect your interests.

As for civil lawsuits, individuals often get sued by plaintiffs who have either overreacted, or refused to accept the consequences of their own actions, or are simply lying in hopes of a payday. Sometimes the defendant in the case actually did do something wrong but the plaintiff is exaggerating his or her claim. At The Arthur Firm, we recognize these scenarios and respond by proactively preventing these injustices and conducting effective damage control. We do so through negotiation and trial techniques meant to expose the plaintiff’s weaknesses and to provide him or her with a reality check on their likelihood of failure.


Tenants can become victims of Landlords who are ignorant to the law or simply lack a conscience. Landlords too can become victims of abusive or evasive tenants. When these things happen, the parties to a lease agreement can often resolve their issues by checking the Landlord Tenant Act (F. S. §83.40 – 83.682) and point its provisions out to the other party. If that does not work, The Arthur Firm will defend your rights or enforce the other side’s duties in the lease relationship.

Small Claims:

The Arthur Firm recognizes that the amount in dispute for Small Claims Court is often too small to make hiring an attorney worth the fees, especially in light of the hundreds of dollars in filing fees. So The Arthur Firm offers two significantly more affordable alternatives to the regular rates for Small Claims: [a] The Arthur Firm can negotiate with the opposing side through letters and phone calls in order to avoid litigation; or [b] instead of attending court on your behalf, The Arthur Firm will draft all of the court documents necessary for the case, along with a list of points for you to make in court to make sure you win when representing yourself. Our alternatives will not only prepare you to litigate Small Claims, but they also give you the confidence to represent yourself well without making mistakes.

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